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Much like my life, My Patio Farm has gotten a little out of control this past month. I’m incapable of being obsessive compulsive about anything– ultimately a good trait I think–but the poor farm could use a little more attention.

I let this happen to my mustard greens and lettuce.

As soon as I shot that photo I ripped it all out and threw it over the deck. Enough is enough. I can’t stand it anymore.

And my formerly gorgeous sugar snap peas have suddenly come down with a strange powdery disease. They are browning and spotting right before my eyes.

It’s not a good look, but these ladies haven’t given up yet. Despite the powder I was still able to pick enough sugar snap peas for a 5 o’clock snack.

I wish I could say there were still tons of pea pods on there to eat with dinner tonight, but I’m afraid I picked them clean.

Oh well, as my co-worker just said between crunches, (I shared), “It’s better than nothing!”


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