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At last! A guide to container farming that is both realistic, totally helpful, not too aspirational and hopefully effective! Thank you Rose Marie Nichols and Maggie Stuckey for not only having awesome names, but for also writing an awesome book!

I can’t take my eyes off it!


Q: “So, what’s so great about The Bountiful Container?” 


As the authors note in their intro, it isn’t easy to find a book about container gardening that gives anything more than a page or two to growing edibles in pots. Conversely, it is also impossible to find a book on growing fruits and vegetables that doesn’t give more than a few pages to how to grow them in pots. (Although there is another book called Crops in Pots that I intend to check out of the library as soon as it becomes available).

 But even more importantly, The Bountiful Container  goes through all kinds of vegetables, fruits and edible flowers and tells you how to grow them–what size pot, what kind of soil, how much sun they’ll need, what season they’ll do best in, and even what varieties will work best in containers. It’s so useful! They also have smart plans for group and succession plantings. It’s very exciting!

The only downside is that it has forced me to confront the fact that my deck does not get much sun. In order to have any success with My Patio Farm I am going to have to be very realistic about what will and will not produce given my conditions.

But here’s what I’m thinking…GRAPES!! I need to investigate further, but how cool would that be?


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